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[VIDEO] Reality of Life in North Korea Exposed

Ericka Andersen writes: A video has resurfaced online that I think is worth sharing again. Yeonmi Park is a young woman who escaped North Korea at the age of 13 and is now a human rights activist who shares her story around the world. That story includes watching citizens be executed for minor offenses, seeing her own mother raped in front of her, and a harrowing escape from North Korea across the Gobi Desert into Mongolia.

Jay Nordlinger profiled her here in 2014, writing:

Death was a constant in Yeonmi’s life, as in the lives of North Koreans in general. Kids died on the street all the time, of hunger. Yeonmi did not quite know to be sad or horrified. It was simply normal. So were the corpses that she saw floating in the river. Probably, these were North Koreans who had failed in their attempts to cross over to China.

…I ask her this question, because I suspect the answer is yes: “Do you find it hard to describe North Korea to outsiders?” It is impossible, she says. “I cannot find any words to describe my country, or the feelings I had while I was in North Korea.” … (read more)

If you want to help North Korean refugees, check out the organization, Liberty in North Korea.

via National Review

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