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[VIDEO] The Way it Was: San Francisco Summer of 1967

Directed by Donald Shebib of CBC, an documentary of the “hippie” life in San Francisco in the summer of 1967. Guest appearance by George H. Conger. A discussion of the politics of the day surrounding marijuana use and the Freedom movement. Includes footage of weddings and concerts in Golden Gate Park, The Diggers, Haight Ashbury, Job Corp and other community services by, and for, themselves.


I do not own rights to this video. Uploaded with permission under Creative Commons Attribution + Noncommercial BY-NC use only.

Music used in the video was chosen by original video owner and is as follows:
“Eric Burdon & The Animals-San Fransisco Nights”, sound recording administered by: 23:30

“Scott McKenzie-San Francisco”, sound recording administered by: 3:10

(With thanks to Sam Weisberg for his assistance. His interview with Donald Shebib can be found here.

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