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[VIDEO] It’s Time for Reflection for Organizers of the June 4 Vigil, with Fewer Taking Part

Shanshan Kao Lea Li writes: The number of people turning out to the June 4 vigil at Victoria Park continues to fall, with student organisations boycotting the candlelight vigil.

Less adults attended the vigil and the number of participants fell to its lowest in nine years at 110,000 after hitting a peak of 180,000 in 2014, three months before the Occupy movement.

After criticising the vigil for many years, some are calling on the public to place more importance on remembering the Tiananmen crackdown, rather than just attending the vigil out of habit.

The candlelight vigil commemorating the 1989’s Tiananmen Square crackdown has been held annually since 1990 at Hong Kong’s Victoria Park, organised by the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China.

via South China Morning Post

(Photo: SCMP’s Sam Tsang)

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