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Box Office: ‘Wonder Woman’ Takes Over the Globe, $12 Million in China Alone


Courtesy DC Comics

Diana Prince may be a warrior princess from the Amazon, but it turns out she’s actually a superhero all over the world. That’s because in addition to taking in $38 million during its domestic debut on Friday, “Wonder Woman” is also dominating international box office numbers.

The fourth film in the DC Extended Universe is now open in 55 markets, having already earned $18.7 million from 37 markets through Thursday. The Warner Bros. picture starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine pulled in a further $28 million from foreign territories on Friday, bringing its international cume to $47 million. That means the global total for “Wonder Woman” is already at roughly $85 million.

China accounted for a majority of “Wonder Woman”‘s overseas success, taking in $11.6 million from around 16,000 screens on Friday … (read more)

via Variety

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