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Japanese Growing Pain of Foreign Tourism – MinShuku Pain

Japan Insider

kinkakuji-april Kyoto doesn’t have enough affordable hotel units to house foreign visitors.

Recently in Japan, there are growing number of homes and apartments rented to short term visitors (namely, Airbnb), and they can be a real problem if the visitors are not well versed in Japanese behavioral standards. Airbnb style of renting has not been well known within Japan until just recently, and the customer base is mostly foreign visitors.

zojoji Zojoji – near our Hamamatsucho AIrbnb – great location

I did rent an Airbnb apartment in Osaka during our April visit, and the host was very accommodating with a lot of attention paid to her rental property.  The featured image of this article is taken at Dotonbori in Osaka which was 10  minutes walk from my Airbnb apartment. My daughter rented another Airbnb apartment in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo, and had a great experience in a nicely maintained apartment in the great location…

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