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Two Elderly Women Die Holding Hands as they Jump in Front of Commuter Train

YOKOHAMA – Two elderly women were hit and killed by a train at a station in Kanagawa Prefecture, with surveillance camera footage showing the two jumping on the tracks holding each other’s hands, police said Monday.

The police said the women — one in her 70s and the other in her 90s — appeared to be sisters and may have committed suicide. No suicide note was found at the scene, the police said. One of the two women was using a cane.

The two women entered Kakio Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line and were hit by a rapid express train that was scheduled to pass through the station.

The train left Shinjuku Station in Tokyo and was heading to Shinmatsuda in Kanagawa Prefecture. The incident disrupted services on the Odawara Line, affecting about 24,000 people.

Suicide remains a serious problem in Japan, although the number of cases has been on a declining trend in recent years. Railway tracks are one of the most common sites of suicides or attempts.

via The Japan Times

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