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[VIDEO] Tom Cruise Confirms ‘Top Gun 2’ is Happening

Chris Perez reports: Looks like Tom Cruise still has the need for speed!

After years of speculation, the actor confirmed Tuesday that “Top Gun 2” is officially happening.


“It’s true. Yea, it’s true,” he said during an interview on the Australian morning show, Sunrise.

“I’m going to start filming it, probably in the next year,” the 54-year-old added, with a big grin across his face.


“It’s happening, it is definitely happening.”

Cruise — who is promoting his upcoming re-boot of “The Mummy” — has been dodging Top Gun 2 rumors for decades. But he was bombarded with even more questions last year about the possibility of a sequel as fans celebrated the 30th anniversary of the film.

“We’re discussing it,” Cruise told Graham Norton back in October. “We’re trying to figure it out.”

The comments came months after Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted out a picture of Cruise and himself following a weekend … (read more)

via New York Post

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