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Award-winning Eagle guitar flies into production


The shapely gaps in the Eagle’s futuristic body help to keep the weight down (Credit: David Flores Loredo)

Paul Ridden writes: At first glance, it looks 3D-printed but the Eagle from Spain’s David Flores Loredo is actually fashioned from wood. The futuristic-looking double-horned guitar sports a body that’s full of shapely holes to help cut down on weight, has recently taken top honors in a global design competition, and is now on its way to production. Let’s take a closer look.

Flores Loredo has been working on the Eagle project since January 2016, and finally finished it earlier this year.


“The electric guitar design has remained almost unaltered from the 50s and 60s when the main guitar icons were created and reproduced without major modifications till today, and also they used to be very heavy,” he told New Atlas. “The main challenge was to achieve a really new, attractive and lightweight design.

“With that clear objective in mind I decided to use a futuristic and beautiful organic-streamlined design language, which was for me a perfect combination. It needed a continuous effort in order to obtain a proportioned and elegant shape and to maintain an accurate balance between all its aesthetic characteristics: aggressiveness vs. elegance, fluidity and softness vs. speed and sharpness, futurism vs. classicism.

“The design started from concept sketches on blank paper and continued with Photoshop, Solidworks CAD modeling, rendering and fabrication with a CNC machine. Finally it was manually painted, polished and adjusted.”

The sculpted alder body’s shapely gaps lend to its distinctive look, with the solid parts home to three … (read more)


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