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‘Twin Peaks’: What the Critics Are Saying

Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIM

Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIM

David Lynch brought back his iconic series to Showtime and reviewers are finding it just as strange, funny and weird as the original.

Abid Rahman writes: After almost 26 years, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks returned to TV Sunday.

Showtime aired the 2-hour premiere of the hotly anticipated third season as viewers were once again acquainted with the likes of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and the Palmer family and all the kooky goings-on in the fictional Washington town.

Early reviews clustered towards the cautious, primarily as Showtime and Lynch didn’t make episodes available early to critics and embargoed reviews from those who had attended the L.A. premiere till after the first episode aired on Sunday in an attempt to hide plot details and ramp up anticipation.

THR‘s Daniel Fienberg was one of those cautious in his praise based off the first 2-hour episode. Despite his prior worries as to whether Lynch could handle directing and writing duties on 18 hours of TV after taking a decadelong break from behind the camera, Fienberg felt that the Twin Peaks revival had maintained the spirit of the original show and was still “a sensation that engulfs you” and is “a journey you take.”

Fienberg added that Twin Peaks had all the weird, surreal moments you would expect but it all held together. “The thing that struck me most immediately about the premiere is how relatively cogent it was, with a clear emphasis on ‘relatively.’ What premiered on Sunday was as accessibly scary, disturbing and audaciously funny as many of the best parts of the original Twin Peaks,” he added … (read more)

via Hollywood Reporter

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