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Cannes: Chinese Gaming Company Acquires Unproduced Akira Kurosawa Screenplays

Courtesy of Venice Film Festival 'Seven Samurai'

Courtesy of Venice Film Festival. ‘Seven Samurai’

The Chinese firm plans to go into production on “Silvering Spear,” an unfilmed samurai project from the Japanese cinema legend, in 2018.

Patrick Brzeski reports: The unproduced screenplays of Japanese film legend Akira Kurosawa, a giant of cinema history, could finally be making their way to the big screen.

During a press event at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, Chinese gaming company Jinke Entertainment unveiled that it has acquired the rights to nine unfilmed Kurosawa works from Kurosawa Production Co., the Tokyo-based firm dedicated to promoting and protecting the filmmaker’s legacy.

According to Jinke, which began as a chemicals manufacturer but in recent years diversified into mobile game development and distribution, the first Kurosawa project to go into production will be Silvering Spear (working title), a Samurai story set during Japan’s Warring States period.

Silvering Spear is scheduled to begin filming in 2018, with additional production and casting announcements expected soon, the partners said. This first project will be a Chinese-language film, but the other Kurosawa screenplays could be adapted in other languages, depending on which production partners are brought on board, Jinke said.

The acquisition announcement in Cannes was made by Akira Kurosawa’s grandson, Takayuki Kato, who now heads up Kurosawa Production Co.

“My family and I are extremely pleased to work with Jinke Entertainment on the completion of my grandfather’s film Silvering Spear,” Kato said … (read more)

via Hollywood Reporter

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