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[VIDEO] Unleash Your Inner Demons in Singapore’s ‘Rage Room’

‘I went to a rage room smashed up everything in my way.’


Yvette Tan reports: A wooden bat, a pile of fragile objects and thirty minutes of pure catharsis. That’s the idea behind Southeast Asia’s first ever rage room, The Fragment Room, which opened recently in Singapore.

The room is meant to act as an outlet for those who are stressed, angry, or simply want to break stuff. For $26, you get a crate of breakable objects, including champagne glasses and wine bottles that you can swing at or fling at the wall,to your heart’s content for 30 minutes. For $156, you get unlimited crates, and 60 minutes in the room.


“For someone who has never broken a bottle before, the experience was pretty liberating.”

When I visited, I was given a set of white overalls, a helmet and a sturdy pair of gloves. Oh, and a baseball bat. “Go crazy,” were the last words I heard before the start of my session. So I did.

From the slim champagne glasses to the maroon tinted wine bottles, nothing was left unsmashed.

The first fifteen minutes were the most enjoyable, when I went around swinging my baseball bat at everything I could find.


It was also pretty exhilarating to pick stuff up and throw it against the wall, and to hear the loud smash of the bottle echoing through the room.

After awhile though, the constant smashing and throwing started to take its toll, and I found myself sweating buckets underneath the thick white overalls … (read more)



You’ve Read About Singapore’s First ‘Rage Room’, Now Meet The Man Behind It.

chan.jpegMelissa Chan reports: Just 2 and a half months ago, Royce Tan, founder of The Fragment Room, expressed his uncertainty of whether or not his new venture would take off in Singapore.

“Where do you wish to see The Fragment Room in a year after its opening?”

“I can only visualise 2 possibilities – one of it is that I get constant bookings, or two, nobody wants to come by. It’s very hard to get traction in Singapore,” revealed Tan.

The pessimism that lingered in his response was jarring, given his excitement throughout the interview so far.


2 and a half months later, I received an email from Tan. Attached was the press release for the opening of The Fragment Room, and the photos of his shop.

Back then, all he and myself had were the mock-ups created by his interior designer.

And as for the traction he was worried about getting?

Well, within a few days, the Room has already been featured on a good number of websites (like DiscoverSG and The Playbook), and from the comments, people are pretty damn excited about it.

Image Credit: The Fragment Room

Image Credit: The Fragment Room

But while the shop space has definitely changed since then, Tan’s motivations as an aspiring entrepreneur hasn’t, so here it is, 2 and a half months later – the story behind The Fragment Room … (read more)


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