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Miyazawa Kenji Dowa Mura (Village of Fairy Tales)

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World of fairy tales Dealing with space, sky, land and water

Miyazawa Kenji Dowa Mura consists of facilities designed for visitors to enjoy and learn in the world of fairy tales by Kenji Miyazawa, a Japanese poet and author of children’s literature. It was built in 1996 to commemorate the centennial off Miyazawa’s birth.

Miyazawa was born in what is now Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture, in 1896. He authored a variety of fairy tales, poems, water-color paintings and other work until he died at the age of 37. His signature fairy tales-“Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru” (Night on the Galactic Railroad), “Kaze no Matasaburo” (Matasaburo of Wind) and “Chumon no Ooi Resutoran” (Restaurant with Lots of Orders)-are enjoyed by people of all generations in Japan, in addition to children.

Kenji Miyazawa

Kenji Miyazawa

The main facility is “Kenji no Gakko” (Kenji’s School), where visitors can experience the world of fairy tales by means of video images and sounds. Animals, plants, stars, birds, and rocks depicted in Miyazawa’s fairy tales are exhibited in “Kenji no Kyoshitsu” (Kenji’s Classroom), consisting of seven log houses. Allow about 15 minutes for Kenji no Gakko and 30 minutes for Kenji’s Kyoshitsu. Outside, there are “Yosei no Komichi” (Fairies’ Trail), surrounded by walnut, Japanese pear and magnolia trees, the “Yamano Soen” wild plant garden and other attractions. Visitors can have an enigmatic experience as if they wandered into a fairy tale.

26-19 Takamatsu, Hanamaki City, Iwate
8:30 to 16:30 (admission until 16:00)
Admission Fee
350 yen (adults), 250 yen (university and high school students) and 150 yen (junior high and elementary school students)

via Japan National Tourism Organization

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