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[VIDEO] Museum of Fabulous Japanese Advertising: Local Web Design Company’s Commercial Features Sexy Japanese Woman’s おっぱい

SoraNews24 has this: When it comes to marketing, everybody knows sex sells. If you want to take the raunchy images in your marketing campaign to the limit, though, your options remain pretty narrow in the mainstream world of television and print media, which is why some companies turn to the less-censored realm of web-exclusive advertising.


Case in point is Aichi-based web design company Ababai, who recently caused a stir when they released their latest promotional video on YouTube. The ad, which follows the storyline of a construction company boss out on an onsen hot spa getaway with his sexy lover, is shot in the style of a late-night commercial from the Showa period (1926-1989), and comes filled with plenty of unabashed close-up images of breasts.

[Read the full story here, at SoraNews24]

The stars of the commercial are Mizuki Nishimura, a Japanese actor and comedian who’s best known for being part of the comedy duo “Viking”, and gravure model Tomoyo Uesugi, who starred in the raunchy 2012 Japanese movie Watashi no Dorei ni Narinasai (Be My Slave).


Throughout all these sexy shenanigans, the construction company boss is continually distracted by mail messages on his mobile phone, ruining the atmosphere so much that his lover finally inserts the phone between her breasts, asking him to choose between her or work … (read more)

via  SoraNews24

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