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[VIDEO] of Young Girl Showing Off New Prosthetic Leg to Classmates Goes Viral


A 7-year-old showed off her brand new prosthetic leg to her friends at school and their reaction will melt your heart.

Anu is a sweet 7-year-old from the UK. BBC Midlands reported Anu’s right leg was amputated shortly after being born.

She recently got a new pink prosthetic leg and was super excited to show her friends at school– as one should be. The sports blade was designed to give Anu more freedom to run, jump, and dance.

A heartwarming video was tweeted of Anu walking into her school’s courtyard. The kids immediately stopped playing ball and ran over to admire Anu’s “new pink foot.”

After a few “ohh’s” and “ahh’s” her classmates began embracing her with warm hugs. They put her sports blade to test and went for a run around the courtyard…. (read more)

via WTTG and BBC and YouTube

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