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[VIDEO] New Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Trailer

A new trailer was released this week for a live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie, which was announced last summer.

Tokyo Ghoul is a popular manga series which follows Ken Kaneki, a college kid who gets transformed into a half-ghoul. Ghouls are kind of like vampires – they’re fast, strong, can heal fast, and have heightened senses. But instead of drinking human blood, they eat human flesh. Totally different, right?


While Ken is on a date with the pretty Rize Kamishiro, his date reveals herself to be a ghoul and attacks him. Rude.

Ken survives, but is transformed into a half-ghoul. Now he must learn to survive and cope as a skin-eating monster in a world that doesn’t take kindly to skin-eating monsters.


Creator Sui Ishida published the first episode back in 2011. His manga was adapted into an anime in 2014 … (read more)

via rocketnews24  –  東京喰種」特報 – YouTube

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