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[VIDEO] ‘Swing Shift Cinderella’, Tex Avery, 1945

Swing Shift Cinderella is an animated cartoon short subject. It is in the same vein as Red Hot Riding Hood. Frank Graham voiced the wolf, and Colleen Collins voiced Cinderella, with Imogene Lynn providing her singing voice.

At the beginning, the Big Bad Wolf is chasing the young version of Little Red Riding Hood from the beginning of Red Hot Riding Hood. But then Little Red stops and points out that the two of them are in the wrong cartoon. The Wolf shoos away Little Red and decides to go and meet Cinderella (played by Red from Red Hot Riding Hood). He takes a taxi to her house and immediately falls in love with her upon seeing her, but she sternly rebuffs him. The Fairy Godmother traps the Wolf, then gives Cinderella a sexy dress and transforms a pumpkin into a Woodie for her to go the ball, but tells Cinderella that she has to get home by midnight (just like in the classic fairy tale).


The oversexed Fairy Godmother then keeps the Wolf busy. She appears before him in an old-fashioned 1890s swimsuit (“Miss Repulsive 1898”) and then an evening gown before trying to snuggle up to him on the couch. Cinderella soon comes out on-stage and performs an exotic dance while singing the song “Oh Wolfie” (to the tune of “Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!”). The Wolf howls and chases after Cinderella, but the smitten Godmother uses various methods (usually a mallet) to keep him in line.



This short includes wartime references. The motor scooter of the fairy godmother displays an “A” gas ration sticker. She later uses a jeep. Cinderella is a welder, working the midnight shift at the Lockweed Aircraft Plant. There is also a female cabdriver depicted, a frequently used motif during the War.

via GoonCartoons

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