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The Sexbot Revolution is Coming


Abyss Creations, maker of the life-size RealDoll, releases an AI named Harmony on the unsuspecting world as its first step toward personal sex robots.

 reports: The maker of the RealDoll, a life-size faux-human you can have sex with, is stepping up its game.


After months of teasing, Abyss Creations on Saturday released Harmony AI, an app with a “brain” determined to help your silicone RealDoll cater to your every whim and desire. Well, eventually.


Once you’re set up, you can interact with the AI using only your voice. Harmony will then continue to learn about you and remember “key facts” meant to “create an engaging simulation of a relationship,” according to Abyss. Presumably, the more she learns, the more she’ll transform into your dream girl.


Created by a new Abyss subsidiary called Realbotix, the AI app is the precursor to Abyss’ future female sexbots (also known as gynoids). Abyss says the app will let users create a unique AI personality and even control how happy, shy, sensual, funny and talkative their RealDoll is.

That advancement takes the 20-year-old RealDolls a step beyond Samantha, a preprogrammed gynoid recently introduced by a Spanish engineer. Harmony also lets users create a fully customizable 3D avatar.


While it seems only female robots are currently being developed, Abyss CEO Matt McMullen says the app’s foundation is genderless. Once “the male version of the app is complete, subscribers will be able to easily choose different genders when creating their AIs,” he told the publication Future of Sex in February.


So how can you get the app? Well, due to those pesky restrictions in the app stores, it’s not as easy as an app store link … (read more)

via CNET


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