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Allan Holdsworth, 1946-2017


“It is with heavy hearts that we notify everyone of the passing of our beloved father,” she posted on Facebook. “We would appreciate privacy and time while we grieve the loss of our dad, granddad, friend and musical genius. We will update close friends and family when service arrangements have been made and will notify the public of an open memorial service, which all would be welcome. We are undeniably still in shock with his unexpected death and cannot begin to put into words the overwhelming sadness we are experiencing. He is missed tremendously.” — Louise, Sam, Emily & Rori

The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever
Allan Holdsworth

It’s not often that Guitar Player is credited with naming an album, but our April 2008 cover story on Holdsworth inspired the title of this massive 12-CD box set. I’d say, “Thanks and bravo,” but, apparently, the maestro was somewhat embarrassed by the slogan. Not that he should be, because this collection of albums from 1982’s I.O.U to 2003’s Then! proves Holdsworth’s astonishing technique, unbridled creativity, iridescent tone, dynamic touch, exquisite taste, and expansive melodic strategies have absolutely changed guitarcraft for any player aspiring beyond his or her first barre chord. It’s a humbling experience to relive these seminal albums—how can he be so imaginative and, well, scary brilliant?—but it’s also a treasure trove of possibilities and vision. Dive in and be changed. Manifesto Records. —Michael Molenda

GP‘s Barry Cleveland last talked to Holdsworth in 2014. CLICK HERE for the interview. 

A snippet of his genius…

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