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[VIDEO] Hong Kong lawmaker ‘Long Hair’ Leung Kwok-hung Enters Mainland China for First Time in 10 Years

Pan-democrat given one-off home-return permit to join Legco delegation to Dongjiang River Basin.

Controversial Hong Kong lawmaker ‘Long Hair’ Leung kwok-hung has entered mainland China this morning with a Legco delegation to visit Dongjiang water sites. Video courtesy: lawmaker Charles Mok.

Stuart Lau & Joyce Ng report: Radical Hong Kong lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung, one of Beijing’s most vocal critics, has been allowed to enter the mainland for the first time in a decade – even with a yellow ribbon pinned to his jacket as a protest symbol from the Occupy movement.


The opposition politician nicknamed “Long Hair” was questioned but not stopped over the reminder of the 2014 civil disobedience campaign – a taboo topic on the mainland – as he joined an 18-member Legislative Council delegation on a two-day visit to the Dongjiang River Basin in Guangdong province.

Leung, of the League of Social Democrats, was granted a one-off home return permit at Huanggang Port yesterday morning. Allowing him to cross the border into the mainland is seen as an olive branch from the central government to the pan-democrats, many of whom have long been denied the travel documents required to make such a trip.

“I’m happy to be able to visit the mainland, although there is no chance to express my political views,” Leung said.


Apart from Leung, five other pan-democrats joined the Dongjiang tour to inspect the source of Hong Kong’s water supply: Charles Mok, Kenneth Leung, Helena Wong Pik-wan, Shiu Ka-chun and Tanya Chan. Hong Kong development minister Eric Ma Siu-cheung also took part. … (read more)


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