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[VIDEO] Godzilla Speaks! Interview with Veteran Kaiju Actor Haruo Nakajima

Haruo Nakajima is perhaps Japan’s most famous actor, but you wouldn’t necessarily recognize his face. That’s because from 1954 to 1972, he was the man inside the Godzilla costume for 12 consecutive films. At 87 years old, many now consider Nakajima among the most iconic suit actors in film history. We caught up with the legend who gave life to the “King of the Monsters” to find out how he took on the challenge in the original groundbreaking movie.


Without any direction as to how the monster should move or act, Nakajima took it upon himself to do some research. This involved watching the animals at a Tokyo zoo, observing the way in which they moved and interacted with each other in what must be one of the earliest examples of monster method-acting.

In the interview, Haruo Nakajima also explains why the suit weighed as much as 100 kilos. With valuable commodities like rubber in short supply after the Second World War, it became necessary to construct the suit out of ready-mixed concrete(read more)

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