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‘Homeland’ Season Finale: The 3 Most Idiotic Elements


Homeland’s Worst Season Ever?

Tom Rogan writes: It’s over. Thank God. From the start, the sixth season of spy drama “Homeland” was stupid.

Unfortunately, last night’s conclusion was especially idiotic. Here’s the worst of it.

1. Delta Force are traitors

We learn that the mastermind of this season’s conspiracy is…the commanding general of Joint Special Operations Command. Having already orchestrated a terrorist attack in New York City, assassinated an FBI agent (and a German intelligence officer), General JSOC orders two Delta Force operators to assassinate President-elect Elizabeth Keane.

But after executing the Secret Service agent in charge of Keane’s detail, the Delta operators get lost in her office building.

This is idiotic for two reasons. First, Delta operators are experts at long-range patrolling: They don’t tend to get lost. Second, they are avowed patriots. According to a 2011 report, 50 percent of Delta operators have won Purple Hearts. That speaks to the unit’s high WIA/KIA rates in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. I asked a former Delta senior officer, Jim Reese, what he made of this storyline. He responded:

“The average Delta operator is religious, apolitical and truly bleeds red, white, and blue. He doesn’t care who’s in charge. We are given a mission by the National Command Authority (President), we carry it out, then we drink a beer and go home to our families. We have great relationships with the Secret Service, FBI and Diplomatic Security. We just want a mission to execute in conformity with our charter.”

I also asked Reese how a Delta operator would respond if asked to assassinate a United States leader. Again, his response was colorful: “I would say hey, [insert colorful adjective], and go tell the FBI.” Ironically, Delta operators are sometimes asked this question during selection testing. If they say something along the lines of “I would do it”, they are assessed as psychologically unfit for the unit.

[Read the full review here, at Washington Examiner]

I get that “deep state” machinations were the focus of this season’s storyline. But the writers had alternatives. Iranian super spy, Javani, could have reappeared as the assassin? Or the assassins could have been mercenaries? Brody might have been brought back from the dead? Or Keane could have been attacked by crocodile-riding aliens on meth.

2. The Secret Service is useless

The U.S. Secret Service is the finest protective force in the world. It embraces overlapping security protocols to shield its protectees from harm.

Its portrayal last night was a joke.

First off, Keane’s motorcade consists of about three Suburbans and 10 agents. Both those numbers would be  … (read more)

via Washington Examiner

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