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Air Bonsai: The Incredible Floating Bonsai Trees

Japanese designers at The Hoshinchu Team, have created a bonsai named “Air Bonsai”, that appears to magically float above its base. Made from a handcrafted Japanese porcelain, the base or bottom half is “energy base”, with the floating ball being the top half or “little star.” The do-it-yourself kit, allows you to transplant your favorite plant onto the “little star”, and then you simply place it above the “energy base”. Both halves of the Air Bonsai, have magnets installed within the design, that allow the top half to float and spin without being tethered to the base.

reports: Surely, your first impression about this will be “what kind of sorcery is this?”, but this is not, Air Bonsai is about an incredible invention of a small Japanese company called Hoshinchu, which has decided to lay aside the law of gravity through these awesome levitating plants.


Obviously, this is not about magic or a mystical secret, there is a pretty logical explanation for how it works, Air Bonsai utilizing the opposing forces of magnetic energy to levitate in the air, it consists of 2 main components, the “energy base,” made from Japanese ceramic, and the levitating “little star.”  Both come with built-in magnets that enable the levitation.


The project is currently funding on Kickstarter to make possible bringing to the market for its acquisition. It appears that the basic Air Bonsai set starts at $200 and they’re targeting a delivery date of August 2016. … (Read more)

Source: youandsaturation

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