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[VIDEO] Vintage Japanese Advertising: Shiseido CM Love In Color Lipstick, 1970

Shiseido CM ‘Love In Color’ Lipstick, 1970. “Tina’s phone” Cast: Tina Rats (then 19 years old)

1970 “Tina’s phone” (love in color lipstick). A woman’s heart who does not answer the phone even though it is a nuisance based on a light CM song of “I do not believe the phone”. The model is Tina Lutz. Tina ‘s charm full of gestures and behavior, it is quite a fashionable CM. There were four other “Love In Girls” who played this love in color CM, which was an epoch-making CM that one of the main characters was broadcast on weekly basis. (source)

BONUS Video: Shiseido CM – lipstick / nail color – 1968



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