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[VIDEO] Here’s What Japanese People Think of Hollywood ‘Whitewashing’

What do Japanese people think of Caucasian—not Asian—actors being cast in Hollywood adaptations of Japanese anime?


reports: Hollywood loves to use source material from other countries in making movies, and that’s not always a problem. But recent casting decisions concerning upcoming adaptations of anime such as Ghost in the Shell and Death Note have resulted in complaints of whitewashing from certain corners, and a great many others expressed their surprise that the roles were not given to actors of Asian descent.


But what does the average guy or girl on the street in Japan think about the issue? YouTuber That Japanese Man Yuta conducted a street interview to find out what regular Japanese people think of Hollywood’s questionable casting.


The video begins with the Japanese interviewees giving their opinion on the casting of caucasian actress Scarlett Johansson in the role of Motoko Kusanagi for the Hollywood live-action version of classic Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell. Most interviewees reacted positively to the casting decision, justifying the choice and deeming her a good fit because the movie is based on an anime, wherein many characters have somewhat Caucasian features. … (read more)

Source: rocketnews24

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