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Honda’s Decision to End Monkey Sparks Controversy in Primate Community


Honda Motor Co. said Friday that it will cease production of the Monkey, a 50cc motorcycle, at the end of August, putting an end to its 50-year history.


We asked a few members of the monkey community to share their thoughts. One of our interview subjects observed,

“I’m sad to hear about Honda’s decision to discontinue the Monkey. I was going to ask for one for my birthday. I liked that it’s linked to our species. It’s the only gas-powered locomotion device my parents approve of. I’m thinking we can still probably get a good deal on a used one.”

Other members of the monkey community had a more favorable view of Honda’s decision.


“Motorcycles are dangerous and noisy. I don’t care how small it is, it’s a public menace. They had no business using our name to promote it. I’m glad to see it go.”

Jiji Press reports:

The Japanese company made the decision as the domestic market for small motorcycles, mainly scooters, has been shrinking and it is difficult for the Monkey to meet increasingly tighter emissions regulations.

The Monkey was originally made for a ride at the Tama Tech amusement park in Hino, Tokyo, which opened in 1961. The first Monkey model that could travel on public roads was developed later and released in 1967. Tama Tech was closed in 2009.

Late last month, Honda launched a 50th anniversary model of the Monkey.

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