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[VIDEO] A Rare Glimpse inside One of Japan’s Last Vintage Love Hotels

Popular Japanese consensus says that by the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, these few remaining vintage love hotels will be leveled for modern conveniences associated for the Olympics and tourism. Hotels left behind will be given a contemporary overhaul to be indistinguishable from mainstream hotels. Playboy gets a rare look inside the beautifully seductive Hotel Fuki in Osaka before the mirrors on its ceiling are one day inevitably removed.

2 Comments on [VIDEO] A Rare Glimpse inside One of Japan’s Last Vintage Love Hotels

  1. I was taken to one of these– once…just once. Honestly it felt so dirty. We pulled into a car slot, walked in and closed the door. A hand came trough a slot to take our money incognito.


    • I won’t ask what you were doing there! Just kidding. I recently learned that contemporary Love Hotels are also used by small groups of young people as an rented party pad, a private environment for innocent amusements, socializing, singing karaoke, drinking. Considering the lack of privacy in big cities, especially for younger people with minimal autonomy, this makes sense.


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