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[VIDEO] Japanese Commercial for NTT Communications: ‘I Want to Be With People Who Like Capybara, It Gives You Peace of Mind’

#なぜか安心する 『カピまる(*´ω`*)劇場』 OCN モバイル ONE #カピバラ好きな人と繋がりたい




音楽には、人気急上昇中のアーティスト「never young beach」の安部勇磨さんをCMで初めて起用。

往年の名曲「Only You」のオリジナルアレンジ版を歌い上げていただきました。



▼NTTグループの格安SIM OCN モバイル ONE おトクだけじゃない5つの安心はコチラ…

安心感いっぱいのカピバラGIFアニメがダウンロードできる 『カピまる(´ω`)安心GIF劇場』も絶賛公開中!















Google Translation:

About one minute without any mistake that everyone who watches “Reassured why”! Capybara that goes to the ground · Captains a running man in the water · Capybara · Capybara who makes plays with a cat · Capybara which puts a rabbit on his back, all the scenes have become overwhelming videos full of security. For music, Yumaku Abe of the artist “never young beach” which is rapidly increasing in popularity was appointed for the first time in CM. I sang an original arrangement version of famous song “Only You” of the past year. Moreover, the person himself appeared specially this time. The appearance scene is only a moment, Please try looking not to miss it. ▼ NTT Group’s cheap SIM OCN Mobile ONE is not only for 5 security here is here http: // … “Capi MARU (* ‘ω __ *) safe GIF theater” which can download the capybara GIF animation full of security is also released for acclaim!

■OCN モバイル ONE…


■NTTコミュニケーションズ 公式サイト

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