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BUNNY BREAD! Tokyo Bakery Offers Bunny Head-Shaped Loaves, Japan Goes Wild, Bread Love Goes Viral


Here at mottomedia we believe that all sides should be represented, and all voices should be heard. Due to the controversial nature of bread baked in the shape of bunny heads, the opinions of actual bunny rabbits should not be excluded. So in the interest of fairness, we sought input from members of the bunny community.


Our first attempt to interview a bunny was not successful. Either the bunny was shy, didn’t understand our question, 0r chose not to share his thoughts. Our first bunny declined to go on the record.


Our next attempt to interview a bunny was more successful. Though she asked us not to use her name, she was happy to speak with us, and gave us permission to use her comments. “Japanese bread is good”, she said. “I have no problem being represented in baked goods, or other foods. We’re used to it. Easter chocolates, for example. Toys, children’s pajamas, animated cartoons. I think it’s flattering.”

We asked if her view is common in the bunny community. She replied, “Well, some rabbits have a problem with it, I understand.  I respect that. But really, what’s wrong with bunny-head bread? It’s harmless. I’m sure it tastes good. I’m cool with it.”

Here’s some additional reporting from RocketNews24:

 reports: The cute and fluffy bread is proving to be so popular it’s been selling out as soon as it hits the shelves.

When a bakery opens in Japan it’s usually a local affair, with nearby businesses presenting them with decorative flowers to congratulate them on their opening and residents taking note of the new store selling baked goods in the district.


For one bakery in Tokyo, however, news of its grand opening on 2 March has suddenly gone viral, thanks to a unique product they’ve created to stand out from the rest of the bakeries in the nation’s capital… (read more)

via RocketNews24

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