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[VIDEO] Tiny House Japan


…We’ve seen some amazing examples of tiny houses in Japan, but this might just be one of our all-time favourites. Recently featured on YouTube channel Living Big in a Tiny House, this home on wheels was lovingly created by Japanese master craftsman Haruhiko Tagami, who used locally grown cedar wood and all-natural materials in its design.


The Japanese owners who live in the mobile home, which is so light it can be pulled by a small-engine vehicle, were more than happy to show off the ingenious details that make the space so wonderful to live in. And with features like an adjustable roof, a concealed refrigerator and even a built-in fireplace, it’s a place that we wouldn’t mind living in too!


Despite its tiny size, this home is big on design details that focus on practicality and efficient use of space. The living area can be set up to either seat six people around a central table, or with the table pushed to one side to create a more open area to move about in.


What’s so beautiful about the home is that it takes its inspiration from traditional Japanese rooms, which are designed to be multi-purpose spaces that can act as dining room, living room and sleeping area, with just a few small furnishing adjustments.

While there’s an emphasis on practical details, there are also a number of design features to enhance the beauty of the space…. (read more)

Source: RocketNews24 via  YouTube/Living Big in a Tiny House

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