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Cryonics Breakthrough?

University of Minnesota researchers have made a real breakthrough in thawing out tissue samples that have been frozen to the temperature of liquid nitrogen — almost 200 degrees below zero Celsius.  The tissue samples had been “vitrified” with a cryo-preservation agent.  At super-low temperatures, this transforms the tissues into a glass-like substance in which all biological activity stops.


The cryo-protectant fluid used by the UM researchers included nano-scale iron particles encased in a biologically neutral sheath.  The frozen samples were heated very quickly — but evenly — by basically microwaving the tissue.  They tissue heated so quickly that there was none of the cracking that so far has been a roadblock on the way to true large-scale cryo-preservation.

If this can be replicated in whole organs, it looks like whole-body cryonics may be about to really take off.  Hello, Alcor!

Read more at New Atlas.

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