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[VIDEO] Chinese Drink Company is Under Fire for Claiming its Coconut Juice can Enlarge Breasts


Charlie Moore reports: A Chinese drink company has been criticised for claiming its latest product can enlarge women’s breasts in a controversial advert.

The Coconut Palm Group launched its new juice with an advert featuring well-endowed models.


One model in a plunging top runs along a beach in slow motion while holding the drink.

A slogan on the screen next to her reads: ‘A can a day and you’ll be white, tender and busty’ as the model says: ‘A can of Coconut Palm a day will give you a graceful figure.’

The company faced huge criticism from viewers on social media for the ‘ridiculous’ association between coconut juice and breast enlargement.

The drink is not a nutritional product so the company is not allowed to make such claims under Chinese regulations.


Chinese authorities from the country’s Consumer Protection Bureau as well as the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television are expected to investigate the controversial advert.


The company faced huge criticism from viewers on social media for the ‘ridiculous’ association between coconut juice and breast enlargement


A member of staff at the Coconut Palm Group said the drink did not include any new ingredients and pointed to 20-year-old research as the basis for the claim that coconut drinks can enlarge breasts.

They told Beijing News: ‘We saw this benefit from a Hong Kong newspaper in 1997.

‘Our manager recently felt it could be included as part of our marketing. So we used it as a reference.’

The firm did not conduct any studies into the drink’s breast enhancement abilities. … (read more)



Alex Linder reports:

…The Beijing News interviewed nutritionists who simply balked at the company’s claims.

In response, a Coconut Palm employee told the newspaper that they were basing their breast-enhancing claims on a 1997 report in Hong Kong newspaper they had read which said that drinking coconut milk could help to enlarge a woman’s breasts.

In the two decades since then, the company has yet to undertake any tests to actually confirm this report; however, this has not stopped them building an advertising campaign around it. … (read more)


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