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Iron Man is better than Batman: Why Batman is terrible

This is a fun topic – a favorite of our editors – that I’m tempted to comment on in more detail soon. Fellow founding editor Burchismo is a Tony Stark/Iron-Man advocate and legendary Marvelologist. And while I also favor Iron Man, and admire Marvel film and TV projects on a case-by-case basis, I am also an ardent Batman defender, and “Dark Knight’ fan, primarily due to my affinity director Christopher Nolan’s critically-acclaimed film interpretation of the Batman myth. More on this in the near future.



An argument I have had for some time is whether Iron Man or Batman is better. Both share a lot of similarities, the largest being that they both have no super hero abilities, unless you count being filthy rich… I believe strongly that Iron Man is not only better than Batman, but, that Batman is a terrible super hero. (Disclaimer: I am not a big comic book reader so my arguments will be made solely referencing the movie universe.)

Lets start with the super hero suits themselves. Bruce Wayne is worth about 9.2 billion dollars, while Tony Stark is worth around 12.4 billion dollars. To any normal person three billion dollars is a lot of money! However, when you look at it in that amount there is nothing you can do with 9 billion you can’t do with 12. So I ask you, why is the bat suit leagues worse…

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