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Kurt Cobain Would Have Been 50 Years Old Today


Did You Know A LOT Of People Think He Was Murdered Instead Of Committed Suicide?

Chris Spags writes: Today, February 20th, would have been Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday. There’s still a lot of Nirvana love out there these days but there’s a decent chance some younger Stoolies may not be familiar with Cobain’s impact on the music of the 90s and also just how amazing of a presence and performer he was. Here’s another legendary live performance where you can get a taste of the raw energy the dude brought to every show: kurt-cobain-suicide-note.jpg I was a little young to fully appreciate Nirvana during their original run but in terms of a guy symbolizing a piece of Americana, early 90s masculinity represented through the prism of Seattle grunge, Kurt Cobain was one of a kind. In my eyes, Cobain was a James Dean or a Sinatra, a guy very much of his era who combined elite creativity with a persona that can transcend the test of time. I’m sure there are ways to dissect the work of Kurt and Nirvana and grunge music as a whole but his body of work combined with his hasty exit from the world at the hands of what was believed to be a suicidal shotgun blast made him one of a kind.

A former private investigator who worked with Courtney Love on finding Kurt after a possible post-rehab bender has written books on the subject of his death and also maintains a website called (which, admittedly, is not likely to be an unbiased source) that claims that there’s a lot more to Kurt’s death than has been reported … (read more)

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