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[VIDEO] REWIND 2010: Takeshita Dori Street Panic

3:30 p.m., Friday, March 26th, 2010, a crowded street scene, Takeshita Don, Tokyo, Japan. Responding to a rumor that a Boy Band celebrity, Arashi, appeared in the street, Japanese teenagers rushed out onto the already overcrowded street. The mostly patient crowd was immobilized for about 45 minutes, with occasional waves of panic, trying not to get crushed. Police and Fire officials eventually arrived on the scene to help divert the crowd and restore order. Minor injuries reported, no one seriously hurt. Lots of cell phones and cameras recording the action.

Takeshita Dori Street Panic, second clip, this one taken with iPhone. Like the first clip, it’s taken just after the panic settles down, but this one is before the police arrived to manage the crowd.

Newly processed video clip. I found this on a tape I’d neglected to transfer, has better video and audio quality, the same event described in the other footage in the Takeshita Dori Street Panic series.

via YouTube

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