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‘The Giggler’, by Charles Addams 


Original drawings by Charles Addams come to the market fairly commonly, although the classic pieces related to the Addams Family seem to be well-ensconced in public and private collections. Heritage Auctions is offering a real find, a classic Charles Addams cartoon certain to be familiar to all his fans.  This is the most iconic Addams drawing I can recall being offered for sale anywhere.

The drawing has no caption. It depicts a theatre full of distraught moviegoers viewing the onscreen proceedings with tears and dread. But there is one notable exception.

The label on the back from Associated American Artists galleries names this piece Giggler in Movie, which seems to completely miss the point of Uncle Fester’s perverse fascination with the morose storyline. Fester isn’t merely giggling, he’s exulting in the tragedy unfolding on screen.

Addams sad movie 1

It looks as if the artwork once sold for $750, but I’ve no idea when. Anyway, there’s no chance of that happening again.

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