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Progress M-21M Successfully Docked at the ISS

Soyuz 's patch April 25, 2014 at 16 hours 13 minutes Moscow time successfully re-docked cargo vehicle Progress M-21M at the International Space Station (ISS). Space station cargo craft completes test of automated rendezvous system Rendezvous and docking with the station were carried out in automatic mode under control specialists Mission Control Center. During the rendezvous and docking operation audited rendezvous “Course-by” on the vehicle cargo ship Progress M-21M. TGC Progress M-21M docked to the instrument compartment of the service module Zvezda, where he went to the autonomous flight two days ago.

Progress space cargo approaching the docking port of the service module Zvezda on ISS

The Kurs rendezvous hardware will be incorporated into Progress cargo vehicles currently under development. Flight International Space Station continues according to the scheduled program.(read more)

ROSCOSMOS Press Release:

Image, Video, Text, Credits: Roscosmos press service / NASA / NASA TV / Translation: Aerospace.

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