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Jack The Ripper is a DIY, 3D-Printed DVD Ripper for Fans of Optical Media If you like DVDs but also like shelf space, have we got a project for you. Called Jack the Ripper, this Raspberry Pi-powered system takes DVDs from one pile, drops them into a DVD drive for ripping, and then tugs them out and onto another spindle. Ad infinitum.

Andy Ayre created the system when he realized that ripping his whole DVD collection would take way too much time. Like all good hackers, he designed and printed a complete solution using motors, microprocessors, and an old laptop.

You can download the project here and build your own or you can read Ayre’s detailed and well-written description of his project on his website. While I doubt any of us will need this thing anymore, it’s nice to know we can rip ourselves some DVDs using robots these days. What, I ask you, will they think of next?

Source: 3Ders via TechCrunch

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