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Woman in Spain Who Looks Like Donald Trump Finds Unexpected Fame on Social Media

by Michael in Global

MADRID – A woman in Spain has found unexpected fame on social media after many found she bore a striking resemblance to U.S. President Donald Trump. A journalist reporting on farming in northwestern Spain posted on Instagram a picture of Dolores Leis dressed in farm clothing with a hoe over her shoulder, prompting thousands of responses. The 64-year-old has since been asked to comment on [...]

Apple’s TV Plans: What We Know So Far, Including a List of Shows

by Michael in Entertainment

It’s one of the biggest mysteries in Hollywood: Where will viewers watch Apple shows, and how will they be marketed? All may be revealed later this year. Michael Schneider writes: It’s the biggest question in Hollywood that everyone is asking, and no one has an answer yet: What will Apple’s upcoming video offering actually look like, and how will it be delivered to viewers?\ “I [...]

Apple Greenlights TV sci-fi Based on ‘Foundation’ Book Trilogy from ‘Altered Carbon’ Producers

by Michael in Entertainment

Peter Cao reports: Apple is reportedly working on yet another TV sci-fi for its growing catalogue of shows as part of an unannounced streaming video service. The show will be based on the Foundation book trilogy written by Isaac Asimov and produced by Skydance Television which is behind the Netflix series “Altered Carbon”. As reported by Variety, the series will be written and produced by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman, who will also be the show-runners. David Ellison, Dana [...]

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  • Apple Shares Photos of New Shinjuku Retail Store Ahead of Grand Opening Saturday

    Michael Steeber writes: Coinciding with a media preview of Apple’s new retail store in Tokyo’s bustling Shinjuku shopping district, the company has shared new photos of the facility ahead of its 10 a.m. grand opening this coming Saturday. We first learned that Apple Shinjuku was set to open on April 7th in March, when a neon-themed banner on Apple’s website announced the date. More [...]
  • Asian Powers Step Up Their Readiness For Space Warfare, Following America’s Lead

    As Asian societies step up and out into space, American thinking, actions, and leadership stand to profoundly affect the security and stability of their ventures. Today, there is renewed interest in the idea of creating an American space force — a dedicated military service for warfare. According to recent comments, America may soon develop its own space warfare capabilities, as space is [...]
  • OH YES HE DID: Elon Musk Has Deleted Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook Pages

    Chris Mills reports: As of Friday afternoon, the Facebook pages for Tesla and SpaceX are no longer online, a move that appears to have been taken after Elon Musk was questioned on Twitter. The move appears to be a response to the #DeleteFacebook trend started by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, who has publicly called for brands and individuals to delete their Facebook pages following [...]
  • [VIDEO] Apple Promotes Upcoming Shinjuku Store and Japanese Retail Expansion with Vivid Imagery, Neon Signage

    Michael Steeber reports: After revealing the location of a new retail store in Tokyo earlier this week, Apple is now promoting the grand opening of Apple Shinjuku with a new neon-themed video, signage, and promotional imagery on the company’s Japanese website. In an interview yesterday with Nikkei, Apple’s retail head Angela Ahrendts reinforced the company’s dedication to expanding their [...]
  • What Regular Joes Think about the One-Armed Robot Baristas Invading San Francisco Speedy caffeine delivery is Café X’s X factor, and the coffee’s decent, too. Rachel Metz writes: Robots may be coming for our jobs, but even in a tech-centric city like San Francisco, it usually seems they haven’t gotten here yet. That’s changing, though, as a local startup called Café X starts rolling out robotic [...]
  • China Presses Its Internet Censorship Efforts Across the Globe

    SHANGHAI — Paul Mozur reports: Within its digital borders, China has long censored what its people read and say online. Now, it is increasingly going beyond its own online realms to police what people and companies are saying about it all over the world. For years, China has exerted digital control with a system of internet filters known as the Great Firewall, which allows authorities to [...]
  • [VIDEO] Japan Gets First Robotised Coffee House

    Japan’s first Robot-Café opened its doors to media on Tuesday, (January 30), with a robot replacing the barista to serve coffee to patrons. Customers at “Henn-na Café,” meaning “Strange Café” in Japanese, have to scan a QR code printed on a ticket bought from a vending machine in order to get a 320 yen ($3) coffee. The robot barista, called “Sawyer”, [...]
  • Thinking About How Us Meatbots actually Work Could Deliver AI That’s More Useful and Fair

    Here are the secrets to useful AI, according to designers. Secrets to good AI: Designers at Google spent three years helping build AI for the firm’s Clips wearable camera, and they published a blog post about what they learned. They say the best AIs solve a real human problem, do things in a way that makes sense to humans, and build trust with users. Easy, right? And how to build ’em: A new [...]

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  • Mr Smith wanted a good-looking chilli plant, not a hot one Credit: Daily Post Wales

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